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There has been considerable progress on the Streatham Hill site in the past year and as we move into the next phase of works in 2017, we will continue to make every effort to keep noise, dust and vibration to a minimum to reduce any undue impact on our neighbours.

Upcoming works include:

• Construction of the new townhouses along Blairderry Road;

• Installation of brickwork and cladding on the new theatre at the corner of Blairderry Road and Sternhold Avenue;

• Completion of brickwork to roof level and installation of mansard roofs on Cores A and B (Blairderry Road) and Cores F and G (Streatham Hill);

• Construction of the on-site energy centre which will power the development;

• Installation of dormer windows in the new roofs; and

• Removal of the external supporting structure around the historic Mega Bowl façade and commencement of refurbishment.

During these works, both pedestrian and vehicular access on Blairderry Road will be maintained at all times.

View of the historic Mega Bowl façade at present, with refurbishment set to begin in the coming weeks

View of the new theatre building on the corner of Blairderry Road and Sternhold Avenue

Working hours

We are committed to working with the local community, and most importantly with our neighbours to ensure that any disruption from the works is minimalised. With this in mind our site working time are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

Saturday: 8am to 1pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays: No works without prior approval from Lambeth Council.

Outside of these hours, there may be personnel on site but their activities will be restricted to ensure there is no disruption to our neighbours.